Delegation of Women's Union of MPS attends International Women in Law Enforcement Conference – Leadership, Collaboration & Security 2015
Women's Union delegation of MPS attended the Conference

The Conference were chaired by Ms. Tracey Green, Executive Dean in the Charles Sturt University and Ms. Aruna Bahguna, President of the Indian National Police Academy along with the representatives from more than 20 nations all over the world, including 100 superior female officers from the Indian Police Agency, 40 women professionals from international police organisations, criminal and justice commissions, national security and intelligence agencies, customs and border protection agencies from around the region and the international law enforcement community.


Overall picture of the Conference

This was the first international conference on leadership, collaboration and security of women in law enforcement in the world. The content of the conference aimed at the issues of encouraging the female law enforcement force, improving female leaders’ role and capacity in executive force.

At the conference, 12 memoirs from different nations were shown with contents including: Effect of women in international police cooperation – improving the system once belonged to men; Advantages and disavantages of national security technology; Overhanding authority for policewomen to protect the women in the community; Discrepancies in leadership: why does the leadership fail?... Participating in the conference, the Vietnamese delegation actively put questions to make the matters clearer.


Vietnamese representatives took a picture with the other ones from different nations

On this occasion, the female delegation of MPS had chance to acquire knowledge in both theory and practice involving in sex equality matter in law enforcement - Leadership, cooperation and security. Moreover, the appearance of  Vietnamese delegation was the message expressing the care of MPS about the sex equality matter in the Public Security Force.

Translated by Nguyen Huy Hoang (B10D39)

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