Openning ceremony on fostering course on investigation for police carders from Ministry of Security of Lao PDR
Colonel, Assoc. Prof Tran Minh Chat – Vice president of the PPA delivered the opening speech at the ceremony

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Keo U Don – Vice Representative Officer of Ministry of Public Security of Lao PDR in Viet Nam; Major General, Mr. Tran Van Ve – Vice Director General of the Police General Department (MPS); Colonel, Mr. Vu Tien Inh – Vice Director of Training Department (MPS) as well as the representative leaders of functional units of the PPA and 15 participants of the class.


Mr. Keo U Don –Deputy Head of  Representative Officer of Ministry of

Public Security of Lao PDR in Viet Nam spoke at the ceremony

In the course of studying for nearly 2 months at the PPA,participants are going to conduct 3 special subjects with major in 13 investigative police contents. These subjects have a close relation with each other with a view to creating scientific argumentative methods, which entiles the students to an effective approach of judging and tackling practical problems throughout the investigative process of the People’s Police force of Viet Nam. In fact, the specialized knowledge which was accumulated during prevention and combating against crime process in Viet Nam may assist Laos’ police officers to compare with criminal investigative process in their own country.

During training process, the PPA is going to arrange experienced lecturers to incorporate theoretical knowledge with direct discussions and invite practical experienced reporters. At the same time, the real trips are going to be organized to facilitate participants to acquire knowledge and exchange their experience in the field  of prevention and combating crimes as well as safeguarding public order and security in both countries.


The delegates and participants took a picture after the opening ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Keo U Don – Deputy Head office of Ministry of Public Security of Lao PDR in Viet Nam highly appreciated the significance as well as the long- term co-operation with Viet Nam‘s Ministry of Public Security in general and the PPA in particular. Furthermore, he made careful recommendations that participants should strictly comply with rules and regulations introduced by the PPA as they resided and studied in the Academy. He wished for a lasting friendly and increasing co-operative partnership between Ministry of Public Security  of Viet Nam and Laos ‘counterparts.

Written by Do Hung
Translated by Quynh Phuong - B10D40

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