Students of 2nd Master's degree joint program between PPA and University of Maryland on a studying tour in Southern Region
Delegation took a memorial photograph with the leaders and investigators from different provisity of Public Security Department of Dong Nai Province
The Public Security Department of Dong Nai Province, the delegation had discussions with the leaders and investigators of all divisions: Social-Order Related Crime Investigation , the Economics related crime Investigation Police, Drug-Related Crime Investigation, The Criminal execution And Justice Asistance, the Office of Investigation  Agency and the Office of procedure the Public Security department of Dong Nai province. During the discussion, the students studied the situation of crimes and the crime fighting and prevention of the Public Security department of Dong Nai province in the past years. In fact, crime situation in the province is still much more complicated, especially with specific conditions, such as: population diversity, culture, many industrial zones with frequent migration of many components who are outside the province and the foreigners. Meanwhile, the force in charge of crime fighting and prevention is limitted, causing difficulties in the ensurance of security and order in the province. However, overcoming the difficult conditions, Criminal investigation Police Forces of Public Security department of Dong Nai province have always fulfilled all assigned tasks, the proportion of investigated and discovered serious criminal cases reached over 90%, which is highly appreciated and commended by leaderships at all levels.

After listenning to the report on the real situations, the participants had the leaders of the professional departments and the investigators shared information and experience an relating to various issues, such as: the advantages and disadvantages of applying silent-remaining right during the investigation; the difficulties in investigating the case involving foreign elements; holding in custody provisionally, the relationship between the litigating authorities in crime investigation, crime prevention and the priority measures in crime prevention in Dong Nai province...


Delegation took a memorial photograph with the Directorate and leaders of

different provisions of Public Security department of Tien Giang Province

In Ho Chi Minh City, the student had a meeting with Ms Ung Thi Xuan Huong - the People's Court Judge of Ho Chi Minh City. After the meeting, the participants had a dynamic, effective discussion with the leadership and the judges of the Criminal  Court - People's Court of Ho Chi Minh city. At the discussion, the leaders of Criminal Court summarized the judicial situation of the unit in recent years; introduced the judicial tasks of some typical cases and answered many questions of the students relating to trials of criminals who are minor, criminals involving foreign elements, criminals using high technology, a dispute in court and judicial reform of the People's Courts of Ho Chi Minh city. After the meeting, the students visited the courtrooms and facilities of the People's Court of the Ho Chi Minh city.


Senior Leutenant Colonel  Ta Ngoc Vang, Leader of the delegation

presented souvenir to Ms Ung Thi Xuan Huong

At the Public Security department of Tien Giang province, Colonel. Phan Van Trang - Deputy Director and the leaders of the professional departments welcomed and exchanged with the delegation. The participants of the course had chance to listen to the report on real situation of crimes and the crime fighting and prevention of Public Security department of Tien Giang province in the last 5 years, to study about some typical cases in the province and the experienc in the process of investigating and solving crimes. After the report , students were answered, shared many useful knowledge about the investigation on the river topography, psychological characteristics of homosexual criminals, the situations of transnational crimes  and  crimes involving foreign elements in the province, the situation of drug-related crimes and the difficulties in the prevention of drug-related crime in the area, the situation of crimes committed by people from other provinces and the management of people from other provinces ...


The Delegation worked with the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City

In addition, the delegation had a warm welcome by Mr. Le Hong Quang - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Tien Giang Province.

Earlier, in April, 2015, within the framework of the course, the Academy had arranged a studying tour for the students in the professional units of the Cities and Provinces in the Northern  including Criminal Court of Hanoi, Social-order related criminal investigation Police  Department of Hanoi, Phu Son 4 Prison.

After evaluation, the real-studying tour  provided a great opportunity for students to compare the knowlege  between theory and practice, contributing to improving the studying performance, especially when the trainees from the judiciary, internal affairs, such as: the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Defence and the People's Supreme Court, the People's Supreme Procuracy. It is also the chance for students to draw a comparison of the judiciary of Vietnam and the United States after the end of studying tour in the USA judicial authorities which will be organized at the end of the course, from which students are able to draw lessons and appropriate  propose in order to improve the effectiveness of the latter tasks.

Written by Nguyen Van
Translated by Vu Hung Phat (B10- D39)

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