Representatives of USAID Fund visits and works at PPA
Senior Colonel, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Chat, Vice President of the Academy exchanged the issue of wildlife trafficking with Mrs. Aurelia Micko

Opening the talk, the Vice President of PPA welcomed and introduced to the delegates from the USAID fund about training and education of the PPA, in which he emphasized the work of training police students specializing in Anti-environment Related Crime; the objectives, orientations as well as development cooperation strategies of the Academy in the coming time.

Overall picture of the working session

During the visit, the two sides placed special emphasis on issues relating to illegal wildlife trade that was extremely serious in many countries all over the world nowadays, including Vietnam. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Chat stated that Vietnam Government and Public Security Ministry have been interested in the wildlife protection so far. Thus, the situation of wildlife trafficking has been repelled recently. However, like other nations, Vietnam has still met with difficulties. Therefore, the PPA desired the USAID to have more consultation for Vietnam.

Leadership of the PPA and the USAID delegation

 posed for commemorative photograph

As for the USAID fund, Mrs. Aurelia Micko gave deep thanks to the PPA for spending time welcoming the delegation and expressed happiness about effective cooperation between the USAID and the PPA in the past time. Mrs. Aurelia MicKi affirmed that they would continue to support and cooperate with Vietnam government in general and the PPA in particular on the matter of wildlife protection in the following time.

Highly appreciating the results achieved from cooperation between the USAID and the PPA, on behalf of the PPA’s Board of Directors, Senior Colonel, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Chat, Vice President of the PPA expressed his deep sense of gratitude to the USAID fund. The bilateral cooperation between the academy and the Fund in the past time would contribute to boost the relationship cooperation between the United States and Vietnam. The Vice President of the academy believed that this relationship would be developing more successfully in the future.

Translated by Hong Lam

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