PPA leader receives and works with Representatives of U.S Department of State
Vice President of the PPA Tran Minh Chat had a meeting with the U.S Department of State delegation

On behalf of the PPA Leadership Directorate, Vice President Tran Minh Chat sincerely thanked the US Embassy and concerned agencies for coordinating and supporting the PPA over the past years and hoped that the relationship cooperation between two sides would be better and better in the future time. The US Representatives confirmed that with desire of promoting relationship between People’s Police of Viet Nam in general and the PPA in particular, the U.S. Department of State and the US Embassy in Hanoi have been considering to implement more effective cooperation solutions. Particularly, at the meeting, the U.S. Representatives discussed some cooperative activities in the coming time, including co-organizing the workshops, seminar with topics on testimony tactics, crime scene examination and evidence strengthening as well as cooperative relationship between layers and investigators and co-organizing English language training courses for the PPA officers.


Responding to the ideas of the U.S Department of State, Senior Colonel, Vice President Tran Minh Chat thanked and welcomed to cooperation proposals from the US side. He also advised that currently, the PPA has been upgrading training and studying qualification step by step, therefore, it is very necessary and important for strengthening international cooperation with experienced countries like U.S. on providing further training skills and working ability for team of officers and lecturers of the PPA.

Moreover, Senior Colonel Tran Minh Chat proposed the U.S delegation to support the PPA the items  and images of U.S Police Force activities to display at the international cooperation showroom of the PPA so as to help officers, lecturers and students study more about organization structures and activities of the U.S law enforcement agencies. The U.S delegation agreed to collect items on display for the PPA.

Written by Cao Hoang Long

Translated by Huyen Trang

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