Welcome KOICA’s chairman to visit and work in Vietnam
Major General Dang Xuan Khang, Vice President of the PPA and Mr. Kim Yong Mok, Chairman of Korea International Cooperation Agency at the courtesy visit

On behalf of the PPA leader, Major General Dang Xuan Khang thanked for the KOICA’s support, especially effective cooperative activities of the KOICA representative office in Hanoi in improving  training qualification at the PPA. In addition, he said that in the context of international integration, Vietnam Government paid more attention to international cooperation in all fields. The Ministry of Public Security implemented many effective cooperation activities with foreign partners, in which including the Korean police Force. As for the PPA, General. Dang Xuan Khang also reiterated the academy had many positive cooperative activities with the Korean National Police University by annual programs on exchanging high-rank delegation and students to join in short training courses at the two police Academies.

For the KOICA, General. Dang Xuan Khang appreciated that over the past decade, cooperative activities between both sides have had been gaining positive results, especially KOICA’s voluntary activities on training Taekwondo at the PPA. Thanks to this, the PPA had got many excellent awards in martial art contests. Recently, the PPA submitted an E-library project to the KOICA, thus the PPA hopes that Mr. Kim Yong Mok will support to speed up this project approval process.

On behalf of KOICA delegation, Mr. Kim Yong Mok sincerely thanked the PPA’s leader for closely coordinating with the KOICA office in Ha Noi in the last time, especially cooperative programs with the Korea National Police University. Besides, he also advised that the KOICA is building a project on fighting against high-tech crime which would be implemented by the Korea National Police University on cooperation with other countries including Vietnam. He hoped the project would be implemented soon with participation of Vietnam. As for the E-library project, the KOICA would try its best to finish necessary procedures for the official announcement in the next future.

Written by Cao Hoang Long

Translated by Huyen Trang

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