Camp night at PPA - My unforgettable experience.
The whole camping site- a photo taken up high

I was extremely impressed by the great scale of the festival. The careful preparation was made several days before. The teachers and students from all PPA’s faculties, departments and centers made their best efforts in pitching and decorating their camps. Twenty camps were twenty styles which represented their hosts’ typical characteristics. However, I was impressed by the International Camp set up by the Foreign Language Faculty. Both the inside and outside of the camp were a sweet combination of oriental and occidental patterns. The walls of camp were filled with the photos of symbols of various countries which helped visitors understand more about the different nations’ culture. This decoration style showed a tangible expression of intercontinental solidarity and integration. Especially, the students of B10 course put on traditional customs of five countries which made the highlights of the International Camp that no others had.


The most unique part of the festival was the undeniably campfire festival. At 9 P.M, thousands of students and teachers gathered around the woodpile. The moment that all the woodpile was ablaze and flared up brightly the schoolyard was so amazing that none could ever forget. The fired stumps and their sizzling pops released tons of energy. The heat washed over my face and I felt that every drop of my enthusiasm was brightly burned. Laughing, joy and the intoxicating smell of wood lightened the lively atmosphere. The participants kept singing and dancing though their bodies broke out in a sweat. Never before did I feel the friendship around were so lovely and jovial. At that night, the PPA was such a close-knit community that thousands of participated individuals were gathered as one unified individual.


After the camping festival, my feeling was hard to describe. I felt so lucky and proud of being a student of the PPA - an Academy of heroic tradition and achievement. I would like to give my special thanks to the PPA’s teachers who have been devoting to the development of the PPA so far. They were the typical examples for our generations. The students of the PPA have been trying their best in studying and training so that not only in November 20th  but each day is a special time for their teachers.


The campfire festival kept obsessing my mind. The burning fire of the camp festival was the fire of enthusiasm that forever burn insides the souls of each and every student of the PPA. Thank the PPA for such a lifetime memory.

Bui Thi Ha My- B10D41

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