PPA held public art festival to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher’s Day in November 20th
The Public Art Festival at the PPA to celebrate the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day

The Festival was honoured to welcome the delegates, the guests from inside and outside of the PPA together with the representative of leaders of functional units and teachers, officers, students of the Academy. The program lasted for 5 days from November 12th to 17th, 2015. Attending the Festival, the staffs and students of the training courses of the PPA brought the different, artistic performances. Speaking at the festival, Colonel, Assoc. Prof, Dr Tran Minh Chat, Vice President of the PPA highlighted: “We trusted and expected that the lyrics, singing of students and what they have been doing would be the best and glorious gifts to celebrate the education Career of the PPA.”


An unique performance of the Festival

Opening the Festival was the music show of the Academy’s staffs that took place in 2 nights: November 12th and 13th. Coming to the show, the audiences were much more satisfied with unique, diverse music repertoires in itself content and melody. The show were appealing to the audiences for not only the songs with strong-glorious lyrics on the period of state’s foundation protection, such as: Hao khi Viet Nam, Duong chung ta di,... but also the gentle, deep, touching songs, such as: Tam ao chien si me va nam xua, Huyen thoai me,…


Following the music show of the staffs was the special music show of the students taking place in 2 nights: November 16th and 17th. In the show, the audiences were immersed in the glorious and tragic atmosphere of those songs on the young soldiers as: Dau chan phia truoc, Khuc quan hanh nguoi linh tre, Biet on chi Vo Thi Sau,…or the joyful, touching songs: Hoc vien Canh sat – 47 mua xuan, Khat vong,…


The singing performance of the PPA’s students

The attractive performances were carefully practiced in costumes, props and professional stage, which demonstrated that: teachers, students of the PPA are not only excellent in research, studying and training well but also dynamic, creative in joining sports activities, extracurricular and art performance.


The art festival was organized to evaluate the spirit of culture – art exchange among the specialized departments of Academy and create the solidarity, tighten the comradeship as well as create a relaxing space after hard working days for the whole teachers and students. In addition, this is considered a profound gratitude, best wishes that the PPA’s students wanted to send to their teachers on the occasion of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day.

                   Translated by Khánh Linh B10D41

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