The Youth Voyage” To Con Co Island of Quang Tri Province

Among activities toward the homeland's sea and islands, the PPA is the leading heroic agency in the People’s armed force. In association with the Coast Guard and the Navy force, the PPA has held many visiting and encouraging activities for offshore soldiers. The latest activity named “The Youth Voyage” to Con Co Island of Quang Tri province with the participation of the PPA’s Youth Union, the Coast Gủad's Youth Union, Viettel Group, Ha Dong District's Youth Union (Ha Noi), Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund, Con Co functional units and Trieu Phong District's Youth Union (Quang Tri),…It took place successfully from July 10th to July 12th 2015. The activity aimed to partly share and encourage citizens as well as ­soldiers on the Con Co district; simultaneously strengthen the solidarity between the people on the mainland and islands; raising people’s awareness of protecting national sovereignty, especially sovereignty of sea territory of Vietnam.


On “The Youth Voyage” to Con Co island of Quang Tri, the participants organized meaningful activities, such as: presenting gifts for officers and soldiers of Flotilla 202 from Coast Guard; thurifying at the Heroic Martyrs Monument of Con Co Island; visiting the traditional houses; visiting and giving gifts for kindergartens as well as families of Youth Volunteers on Con Co Island; exchanging in sport and in art performance together with soldiers and officers in the evening of July 11th


As we know, Con Co Island (also called Hon Co, Con Cop, Hon Me…) is a small Island of the East Sea, Quang Tri province, Central Vietnam. The island covered an area of 4 km2, now reduced to 2,2 km2. In terms of administration, Con Co Island is concurrently to be Con Co isle district and the landmark for the baseline of Vietnam sea territorial border. It is about 600km from Hanoi to Quang Tri and a two-hour ferry to Con Co Island, we could not stand hiding our touching emotions for the beauty of the island where thanks to the construction of Con Co officers and inhabitants.


That is a kindergarten named “Hoa phong ba” which arouses the awareness of essential culture and knowledge that would be necessary for the mission of making the islands beautiful .


That is the enduring lifestyles of officers, soldiers and citizens who are overcoming all the hardship to hold on the island. The tasks of national sovereignty defense and security issues on the island is unfailingly done by armed forces on keeping the sovereignty of national sea territory.


As glorious traditions of Heroic Con Co island in particular and homeland sea and island in general , the young generations of the PPA always feel deeply proud of and be grateful to the previous generations who faithfully keep the National sovereignty. Also, the youths of the PPA are always fully aware of responsibility in the mission of following the glorious traditions; strive wholeheartedly to become the "both red and professional" People’s Police Officers, together with offshore soldiers to protect the Country.

So let’s unremittingly believe and construct Con Co Island in particular and homeland sea and islands in general to be more and more stable in politics– rich in economy – strong in national security and to defence the beauty in culture in the time of international integration.

Translatied by Phan Bao Long (B10D41)


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