How to study well in PPA?
The PPA students are confident to fulfill their mission to became the “Red and Professional” police officer

However, there is a real situation that you may encounter many difficulties when starting a new student-life  because of the strange environment as well as the higher-studying requirements when comparing to the High-school. Moreover, belonging to the armed forces, standards of output in the PPA are increasingly higher in order to train the "rea and profesional" police. As a result, the studying methods are the key to help you solve this conundrum. Below are some tips to help you manage your time along with work load, cope with the difficulties of study and hopefully create on the usefull way to Academic success in your chosen job! 

The first thing is to identify clearly the target. Everything we do has to have a specific goal to make motivation. Without setting goals, everything will go on quietly and we do not know what the destination is. It is such a great difficult for you to have one result as desired. When they get studying objectives, everything will become clear for you to set the determination and implementation.

The PPA students at the opening ceremony of new school year

The second things is making and keeping a suitable study schedule. For the reason that the PPA is an armed force university, the students should be moderate in studying and training in all aspects. Hence, the time for you to self-study is a little bit more limited than non-armed force university students’ one. As a result, it is necessary to set certain hours of each day for study as well as for relaxing and resting. You should keep the same schedule faithfully from day-to-day. The amount of time for study that will vary for each individual based on skills with the subject matter. An average of two hours of study each day after coming to the class is recommended. Going to class is only the beginning; the real work begins afterwards.

The last thing is the studying method together with the skills of  preparing for the exam. When self - studying for exams, you should focus on the core of subject, select the main ideas, make mind-mapping of your own,… Do not study everything! It is said that you should avoid learning by rote which may cause your “disaster”! About the exam skills, you should be aware of the presentation and handwriting. The content must be accurate and complete. When seeing the topic, it is necessary for you to find out key-words to avoid digression, focus seriously on answering the questions and you will get good marks

It is said that effective method as well as experience is the shortest way to reach the success. Hope that this essay will somehow help you in the studying process. Keep the big picture in mind – value yourself and what you want to achieve in your life!

Nguyen Quang Nghi - B10D39

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