Youth of PPA broke out with “Flash-mob with me”
The opening performance by flash-mob club of the PPA

The competing teams seemed to be full of energy before the G hour

Participating in this contest, all students of classes of D40 course were divided into 8 teams which took turn to engage in 2 parts of the competition to be set up by the Organization Committee: one was compulsory and the other was optional. In the compulsory part, the audience felt the team spirit and the enthusiasm that were conveyed by each team through the performances: Bai ca Hoc vien (the traditional flash-mob of the PPA’s flash-mob club), Trong com (Vietnamese flash-mob) and Te nuoc (Thailand flash-mob). Coming to the optional part, the teams displayed their talent, creativity and sense of humor via the music, dance brainstorming and performance costume, etc. Both the Council and the audience experienced the different emotions such as the purity of childhood with “Con lon dat” or “Bo oi, minh di dau the?”, the ebullience in “Viet Nam oi”, etc.

A finely-invested performance of the optional part

Despite the short practice time, all teams successfully completed their performance and received the good comment from the Council. For the final result, the No.5 team excellently won the first prize which entitled them to the free visit to the water park at Royal City.

The competition received enthusiastic cheers from the audience

This Flash-mob competition promised the fourth one with further success and on a larger scale for all students of all courses in the PPA, contributing to the development of the PPA’s flash-mob club and all members of Youth Union would be truly attractive and willing to take part in the youth’s activities.

Written by Cong Phuong

Translated by Quynh Phuong

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