Course on soft skill: “ Culture of behaviors, the art of happy life”
The students attended the course eagerly

Known as a leader in educating, training, coaching and consulting the soft skills. Tam Viet group, with the aim of helping every person find potential factors, express talent to live happily and successfully, organized the course “ Culture of behaviors, the art of happy life” for female students at the PPA. The lecture of the course is Mr. Tran Ngoc Them, deputy general director of Tam Viet group.

Attending the course were lieutenant colonel Ta Ngoc Vang, deputy head of student management department, lieutenant colonel Dang Thi Thanh- chairman of women’s union, lecturer Tran Ngoc Them, deputy general director of Tam Viet group and nearly 500 female students of the PPA.

Speaker Tran Ngoc Them created the active atmosphere in class

During this course, Mr. Tran Ngoc Them discussed with students three main issues: finding yourself, communication skill and studying skill. At the beginning, lecturer gave an interesting question that seemed to be difficult for adults but easy for a 3-year-old child. Explaining this, lecturer showed that adults tend to complicate every thing while it is much simpler, thus simplicity is a key to reach success.

Teachers and students excited about the test on how to live happily

Also in this course, lecturer created a pleasure atmosphere for students by giving some small martial activities such as punching shoulder, singing a song together, changing shoes… These small actions contain many meaningful lessons on communication. Lecturer also gave some basic communication rules e.g. how to resolve conflict in life, how to solve problems together, etc.

Tossing-ball game attracted the students

At the end of the course, on behalf of all students, Mrs. Dang Thi Thanh, chairman of women’s union gave the sincere thanks to Tam Viet group. She reiterated the course helped female students at the PPA more confident, beautiful and cleverer in communication. Tam Viet group also hoped that they would meet again the PPA students in these useful, interesting classes like this in the coming time.

Written by Ha Oanh

Translated by Bich Lan

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