Students of the People's Police Academy eager for extra-curricular activities

There are different clubs for students to take part in: Guitar Club, English Club, Cinema Club and Martial Art Club. The establishment of the clubs not only create playing field for students but also discover and "germinate new talents". The most important thing is that it is a good ground for them to develop their abilities. These clubs are organized regularly on specific date and mainly taken place in the evening from 19h00 to 21h30. The time frame for each club is different, so students can participate in 02 or more clubs. Each club has its own regulations and strict sanctions apart from the form of encouragement. Therefore, the number of members always stable. Once they have applied for joining one club, they have chosen a reliable friend and they can exchange their idea and knowledge with and learn from other students, said a student of English Club.

These activities are organized regularly and stably. In addition, tor the activities of which the portal work changes on specific period, the diversity will show clearly.

The students of the academy always keep the good tradition of "when drinking water, remember its source", "venerating teacher, respecting religion". On the occasion of important holidays of Vietnam and of police force, the whole students of the academy actively practice singing and music and competing sports to welcome the Sep 2 National Day; November 20 Teacher's Day, March 26 the Foundation day of Ho Chi Minh Youth Union; The March 8 Women's Day, August 19 the Foundation day of People's Police; May 15 the foundation day of the People's Police Academy. Furthermore, the movement "say good words and do good things", "Sample Action Month" "Competition movement to set up achievement to welcome the Teacher's day", "Green and Clean and beauty Movement in the Academy", "the movement on cultural way of life in the Academy". On November 20 the Teacher's Day and March 26 the Foundation Day of Ho Chi Minh Youth Union, the movement of wall-newspaper to praise teachers, the Party and Uncle Ho are carried out excitingly in the academy. On such occasions, the firelight of camp and the faith in the future is always flaming in their eyes.

The extra-curricular activities of students e directed by the Managing Board of the academy and the Youth Union, the unit is assigned the task to ordinate with the Student Management Department to organize successfully extra-curricular activities on annual visits of one student course to the locality where there are economic and social problems to act, as voluntary students to propagate the HIV/AIDS prevention and control and launch the movement "No to drug" "Abolishing drug evil from the community". The voluntary group has visited 20 localities ad order and guide them to exam places.

Apart from those activities, the students of the academy take part in the activities of “Internal broadcasting", writing articles for Student Internal Magazine and "Young Police" which are translated into 4 languages English, French, Russian, and Chinese. "They are our voice and we are very proud that we are young policemen", said a student.

These activities create a good space and study environment for the students of the Academy. Recently, the Managing Board has decided to establish the clubs: Youth Club, Social Science and Humanity Club, Informatics Club, Law Club, Foreign Language Club, and Sports Club. With larger scale and wider range of activities, the clubs will officially go into operation on early November. It is expected that with deep care from the Managing Board of the Academy, the students will fully approve their abilities and will get more success.

Xuan Thu

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