Story of reconnaissance officer: “criminal investigation by all passion and enthusiasm”
Captain Vu Thi Hoang Yen

Being the female enthusiastic reconnaissance officer, Captain Vu Thi Hoang Yen spent her valuable time to share about the mysterious crime cases that she experienced and the unforgettable impression when investigating crimes.


The session of actual report began by crime case with the code number 028T dated 08.02.2013. When detecting the subject Hoang Nghia Dung who manufactured the fake functional food, after one year of scouting hard with a lot of unexpected situations, she had to take different roles to approach and investigate because the subject changed continuously the producing place, causing great difficulties for reconnaissance and investigation. After changing locations several times, the subject Dung gathered the goods at Thanh Cong landfill (Hanoi). More than anyone else, Captain Yen knew that Thanh Cong landfill was the hot place relating to security of the city. Finding out thoroughly about this area to facilitate the reconnaissance activities, finally, she and her comrades caught the subject Hoang Nghia Dung when he was in the act of offense.

Lecturers and students of Faculty of Environmental Crime Prevention

 presented souvenir for Captain Vu Thi Hoang Yen

Each situation of reconnaissance was shared meticulously and passionately by Captain Vu Thi Hoang Yen. These experiences helped the specialized students get better understanding of the practical suppression against environmental crimes and how to handle each scouting situation. The specialized students asked the reporter about the theoretical problems related to the suppression of crime cases, measures to prevent and detect crime and violations of environmental law nationwide in general and in Hanoi in particular.


The session of actual report helped the students understand the issues related to the operation of the police force of Environmental Crime Prevention in terms of theory and practice. At the same time, this was the opportunity for lecturers of Faculty of Environmental Crime Prevention to get more valuable lessons on practical work, thereby build the appropriate teaching plan to meet the requirements of combining theory with practice that the Directorate of the PPA proposed.

Written by Hai Yen

Translated by Cong Phuong

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