Opening ceremony on football - table tennis tournament to celebrate Vietnam Teacher's Day (20th November)
Major General Mr. Dang Xuan Khang presented the flowers and congratulated the players

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Major General Dang Xuan Khang praised the Youth Union of the PPA for their efforts in organizing many dynamic and creative activities for officers, teachers, employees and students of the Academy. He assessed that the football - table tennis tournaments were the practical activities, created the lively emulation atmosphere in the whole Academy to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher's Day (20th November) as well as promoted the sport movement in all officers, teachers, employees and students which contributed to improving the physical strength to meet the requirements of the task of building and developing the PPA.


Major General Dang Xuan Khang played the opening match of table tennis

After the opening ceremony, the players played their opening matches of football and table tennis. In the football content, the functional units within the PPA allied into 6 teams to compete together at the mini football ground - one of the sport-cultural works of the PPA. As for the table tennis, the players are officers, teachers and students would compete at two contents: playing singles and doubles.


The football players competed at the artificial- grass football ground of the PPA

Through organizing the sports and game activities this time, the PPA aims to enhance the  spiritual-cultural life, to create the conditions for officers, teachers and students practice their physical body and strengthen the teaching-studying emulation movement to make achievement celebrate Vietnamese Teacher's Day (20th November), contribute to completing excellently the mission of the school year 2014 - 2015. This is also the occasion for officers, teachers and students to exchange, share experiences, enhance the solidarity in the whole Academy.


The tournament will take place at 17 pm daily until November 18th, 2014.

Translated by Xuan Thanh

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