Final report on movement and achievements of VPPA’s Youth Union in 2013 - 2014

At the end of school year 2013 - 2014, under the close direction and interest of the PPA’s Board of Directors, inherited fine traditions from the previous generations, staff and students united to create dynamic, made efforts to overcome difficulties, assigned all tasks successfully, making an important contribution to the building and developing the PPA.


According to the Pursuant Guide Summation of the General Youth Union, the PPA’s Youth Union reported achieving the following results:

1. The political, ideological, traditional and moral educations were deployed effectively, contributing to build young union members enrich in patriotism with good lifestyles, revolutionary ideals, political bravery.

2. The voluntary activities were strengthened and spread out effectively to staff and students in order to give a hand and make community better.

3. The teaching, serving, learning, training movements among union members were performed with efficient solutions and various forms. As a result, these helped to promote the roles and creative abilities of union members, which devoted significantly to the PPA’s success.

4. The PPA’s Youth Union participated actively in building the Party and Union’s construction to set up long-term developmental strategies.

5. The PPA’s Youth Union co-ordinated with other departments to draw staff and students’ attention into movements of Scientific Research. By the way, the students were encouraged, oriented towards science subjects and approaches with a view to undertaking the important projects.


Here is the final report on the PPA’s Youth Union movements and achievements in 2013 - 2014. Besides certain drawbacks, with determination and willpower, the PPA’s young generation will try our best to overcome difficulties, promote flexibility and creativity so as to assist the PPA’s Youth Union in accomplishing all tasks successfully in the coming period.

(Source: “Nguoi Canh sat tre”)

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