Guitar show: The Avengers - When the music has soul
Representatives of universities’ guitar club

The show “The Avengers” had the participation of five famous universities throughout the North of Vietnam such as Foreign Trade University, Banking Academy, Academy of Finance, People’s Security Academy and People's Police Academy. The purpose of the show was to provide the healthy music playing-field for the youth to express themselves and broaden the guitar movement at all universities. Since its launching, the show attracted quickly the attention of numerous students and significant sponsors. Two gold sponsors among them were VP Bank and Instrument Center TYGY. Thanks to these advantages, the guitar show “The Avengers” took place very successfully. The show had the glorious outdoor stage, splendid sound and light system; especially, the presence of the beautiful voices from these universities.

The performance of sponsors

The atmosphere of the show was heated by the enthusiasm and shining passion of the youth. The audiences were fascinated from the first moment by the soft guitar sound in “Careless whisper”, then the acoustic sound in “Romance flamenco” and finally the classic song “Forever”. In the show, the PPA’s Guitar Club performed the gentle ballad, the playful country songs and lyrical modern-folk music. By the more maturity and sophistication when performing, the members of the PPA's Guitar Club spread the empathy to the audiences. It was the scene of immense fields in the childhood memory in the songs “Chuon chuon ot”, “Con co”; the fervid love of a girl in “Son”, or the regret about the unreturnable memories in “Tim lai”, etc.

The performances in the show

The cheering of the audience

With the steps of renovation, dynamism and creativity, the PPA’s Guitar Club are proving themselves gradually. The club is the great promised place for those who have the true passion for music, want to exchange, share experiences and express their personalities on the stage.

Written by Cọ Osiris

Translated by Cong Phuong

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