PPA’s students join in camping festival “From Dien Bien Phu to Homeland’s Sea and Island"
The camp with the name “Truong sa” of the PPA

With the purpose of celebrating the establishment of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (March 26th,1931-2014), towards memorizing the 60 years of Dien Bien Phu victory (July 5th, 1954), raising the love to the Homeland’s sea and island, the camping festival “From Dien Bien Phu to the homeland’s sea and islands" are a long bridge to connect continuously between the mainland and islands, between the past and the future, contributes to educate the students who will  be the masters of the Nation to understand deeply the history and precious traditions of  anti-foreign invaders of the Nation, promote the love and responsibility for building Homeland strong and rich in the time of peace, as well as confirm the confidence, dynamism and the spirit of determination of youths in the new era.


The PPA’s students participated in preparing the camp

Although the cold and rainy weather caused many difficulties in camping preparation, the youth union members from 3 Academies were presented at the AJC’s dormitory from early morning to quickly prepare and complete the camps. The camps with the names of the Vietnam’s islands as Nam Yet, Son Ca, Con Son ... along with the names of the famous places in Dien Bien Phu as Him Lam, Hong Cum ... were expressed fully and lively through out each camp and its decoration. Notably, the camp festival displayed the photo exhibition as "Teachers - Students and Truong Sa" with 50 photographs taken during the visit to Truong Sa of Assoc.Prof.Dr Pham Minh Son, Head of International Cooperation Department of the AJC and Bui Minh Son, one in ten typical students joining in the program with the name of “Youth Journey for the Homeland sea and island”. Also, in the camping-fire night in the same day, the cultural exchange program "Fatherland looked from the Sea" between 3 Academies with many interesting performances was also conducted.


The PPA’s Youth Union members participated in the arts exchanges 

Attending the camp festival "From Dien Bien Phu to Homeland sea and island" with the camp’s name "Truong Sa" which was prepared meticulously and decorated beautifully and meaningful, the camp of the PPA had attracted the attention of the majority of participants. The blue color of police uniforms together smiling faces, friendly attitude and the spirit of enthusiasm was the general feeling of the students granted to the police students from the PPA. The PPA students had made the festival atmosphere excitedly by the population dance to kick-off the program; eagerly participated in the folk games and performed confidently in singing, dancing, and guitar playing at their own camps.


The photo exhibition "Teachers - student and Truong Sa" at the camping festival

The PPA student shared his feelings in the memorial note after seeing the photo exhibition

The camp festival took place in two days from 22nd to 23rd, March, 2014, left the memorable feelings in the hearts of the participants. This is not only the opportunity to exchange and learn from each other, but also contribute to tightening solidarity among the students of three Academies.

Xuan Thanh

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