Art festival to welcome Vietnamese Teacher's Day
The singing a duet of teacher Dang Xuan Khang, Vice President of the PPA

To opening the Art Festival, on behalf of the Party Committee, Directorate Board of the PPA, Major General, Dr. Dang Xuan Khang warmly praised the emulation spirit of gaining the achievement to welcome the Vietnamese Teacher's Day (November 20th) of all teachers and students of the PPA. He hoped that the art festival would attract the enthusiastic participation and encouragement of a large of leaders, officers, teachers and students of the Academy, contributing to promote the cultural movement in the whole Academy as well as detect the excellent art individual to supplement for the Art Team of the Academy.


The meaningful performance of the fourth-year students

Attending the Art Festival this year, each of the departments, faculties and courses would establish a join team to practice together and perform in two nights (11th- 12th, November) for the students, and three nights (16th-18th, November) for the officers and teachers. The contents of the performance items focused on the theme “Praising the Party, Uncle Ho, Vietnamese Fatherland; praising the people’s teacher image; praising the tradition of fighting and developing of the Public Security Force as well as the PPA; praising the brave examples who sacrificed in the fight of protecting security and order, protecting the sovereignty of the country.”


The lotus dance of the in-service training students

Shortly after the opening ceremony, the performance evenings of all officers, lecturers and students took place successfully with many special art performances which were invested carefully, thoroughly. All performances got the enthusiastic cheers of the audience as well as received the high praise from the examination board.

Written by Cong Phuong

Translated by Xuan Thanh

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