Martial Arts Festival of PPA
Major General Nguyen Van Canh, Deputy Director of the PPA spoke at the martial art festival
At the festival, the PPA students performed many martial art contents including 3 mixed lesson of martial art, acrobatics through fire-ring, 12 dual practice situations, qigong performances such as breaking brick on arm, on head…


 Major General Nguyen Van Canh, Deputy Director of the PPA presented flower

for units joining the martial art festival

With the fast, powerful, accurate hits, the PPA’s presentations expressed the spirit of unity, strength, professional skills, courage. Despite sitting in school, but the future polices showed clearly their bravery which is not inferior to other combat forces.

Fast, powerful, accurate hits of the PPA students

Partaking the festival, the mobile police force brought to the audience strong performances with skilled and well-trained moves such as Trieu Tien martial  art, club performance or qigong performance: breaking brick when laying broken glass or laying spike-board, bending iron bar by using neck…
 Skilled and well-trained moves of the mobile police force

No less powerful and attractive, the soldiers from the High Command of Commando also joined the martial demonstration with moving fast, handling the situation quickly and accurately, especially impressive situations of breaking the enemy lairs by unequal force with rate of one and eight or occupying targets at the battlefields.

  Handling the situation quickly and accurately of the High Command of Commando
a special qigong performance

The Bao Long Pharmaceutical Company also performed special qigong. Just only with forefinger, martial performer punctured easily beer cans or used eyelid to lift two water buckets off the ground. The audiences were very surprised when seeing a ten-people carrying car passed through one arm of martial performer.

 A ten-people carrying car passed through one arm of martial performer

Xuan Thanh

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