Three beautiful female first-rank students of PPA for entrance examination
Dinh Thi My Chau, first-rank students in C form of PPA for entrance examination

Dinh Thi My Chau (19 years old) was born in a business family in Huong Son district (Ha Tinh Province). From childhood, the little girl has never done the heavy work. However, in 2014, My Chau decided to register for the PPA entrance examination - a hard-training environment for the females.

"My dream from childhood was a tour guider to visit many places. However, after watching the film “Cham tay vao noi nho”, seeing the police students in blue uniform with the happy teammate life, I had set a goal to pass the exams," Chau said.

In 2014, My Chau got 25.5 points, and could not reach her dream to entry the university. Although feeling disappointed, she did not give up her goal, Chau tried to review for the next examination. With 27.8 point in C form (exam subject: Literature, History, Geography) in the national high-school exam in 2015, she became first-rank students of the PPA.

"On the date of academy admission, I was taken to visit around the Academy by my friends. At that time, I felt really happy because the dream was clearly appeared," new student of High-quality Criminal Forensic Science Class said.

My Chau said that in the first days at “iron discipline" training environment, around with Northern friends who couldn’t understand the action of the Central people speaking, she felt a little embarrass and lonely. "I cried a few days and did not dare to talk to anyone and just wanted to come back home", she added. “Gradually, My teammate encouraged and taught me how to speak for the others could understand, and gradually to be more confident. After a month living at the Academy, I could talk and laugh all day.”

One month of regulation and training under education in the sun, the white complexion of the skin became "extremely brown". However, “Exercise under the sun for very long time, I got into the air-condition hall to practice the martial art, I felt unfamiliar,” she joked but she also shared: “love much the full-disciplinary Academy”

Nguyen Thi Khanh Linh (18 years old), the first-rank students of D1 form (exam subject: Literature, Mathematic, Foreign language), whose father was a policeman, she imagined the hard training environment of the PPA. However, she had never regret to choose the PPA, because the great love is the blue uniform and funny teammate life, sentiment between the elder students with the new ones as well as the exciting culture-sport environment at the PPA.

Nguyen Thi Khanh Linh, the first-rank students of D1 exam form 

in PPA entrance examination was the newer of English Language Class B10

One more reason for what Linh felt close-knit with the blue uniform of armed force was the dream of devoting herself to society and helping people. Because the pressure of PPA entrance examination was higher and higher every years, a schoolgirl majoring in English Language at Le Hong Phong High School (Nam Dinh) had to stay up late, get up early to learn. Finishing the examination, she felt extremely worried; however, when she knew that she was the first-rank students of D1 form, Khanh Linh broke into tears with happiness. “"I just took several minutes to sit and laugh alone before calling to inform to my parents,” students of English Language Class B10 shared.

With Tran Thi Ngan (18 years old), in the date when she knew that she was the co-first-rank students of D1 exam form of PPA entrance examination, she felt very happy.

She said her initial dream was not a policewoman, she would like to become a tour guide to travel everywhere. After finishing school, she was encouraged by her relatives, especially the praise by her best friend who had a brother to be a policeman, Ngan decided to enroll the PPA’s entrance examination.

The co-first-rank students of D1 exam form of the PPA Tran Thi Ngan


With the optimistic characteristics, the girl who gained the 3rd prize of Literature excellent pupil examination in the 12th grade felt no hard to prepare and review for the national university entrance examination with the new form of organization. Ngan shared: “My learning method was “hard-studying, hard-playing", focused on listening to understand the lesson in the class, anywhere not understand, I could ask my teachers, friends, at home just only to review and study the reference books. When feeling stress, I had a rest to refresh my spirit for studying.”

"I thought that learning at any schools are all hard, but at the People's Police Academy I realised more fun than others. 14 roommates at the dormitory were very friendly, we laughed all day. We also played games, football, volleyball. I felt it is a right way to choose the blue uniform of police and honored to be the students of the PPA."

Ngan said it was not important where I would work after graduating, only wish to continue to wear the blue uniform to help people.

Translated by Gia Linh

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