International cooperation on training in process of development of PPA

Since being founded, the People’s Police school (now PPA) has assigned task of international cooperation, helping the two neighboring countries (Laos and Cambodia) for training police officers. So far, after 45 years of development, the international cooperation in the field of training of the PPA has gained great achievements. The Academy has relationship with nearly 20 police, law and criminal justice training institutions in 14 countries and territories. Recently, in August, 2013, the PPA signed the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in postgraduate training with the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies - University of Portsmouth, UK.


To achieve a/m results, the international cooperation of the PPA has been implemented on the following basic items:


Cooperative activities on police training in the ASEAN region:

Along with maintaining effective cooperation and assistance of the two police training partners namely the Ministry of Public Security of Lao and the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia, the PPA has actively participated in the forum of police cooperation among ASEAN countries.


In December, 2010, the PPA held successfully the 1st ASEANAPOL police training cooperation Meeting in Hanoi with the theme “Police training cooperation before an increasing risk of non-traditional crimes in the ASEAN region”. The Conference adopted the Joint Declaration on establishing cooperative mechanism on police training in ASEAN region and holding the annual conference on police training cooperation in ASEAN countries in shifts.


Also, within the framework of ASEANAPOL, on January 3rd, 2010, the Academy successfully hosted the 19th Joint ASEAN Senior Police Officer Course (JASPOC 19). Despite the shortage of facilities and the lack of experience in holding international training courses, the training course had been successful and left a good impression for the participants.


Cooperation with the police training institutions in the region and in the world:

In recent years, to strengthen establishment and implement cooperation with police training institutions in the region, the PPA has developed and implemented several cooperative programs with the police training institutions of countries such as:

- The annual senior officers and student exchange program between the PPA and the Royal Police Academy of Thailand

- The annual senior officers and student exchange program between the PPA and the National Police University of Republic of Korea

- Cooperation with educational institutions of the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation

- Cooperation with the Security Sciences Academy of the Ministry of Interior of Palestine

- In addition, the PPA also continues to develop the regular cooperation with Representatives of the Australian Federal Police and the National Police of France, UK police in Vietnam in the field of training...


Development and implementation of programs and projects of international cooperation:

So far, the PPA has developed and implemented effectively a number of programs and projects on international cooperation, namely:

- The cooperative program with the Danish Institute for Human Rights on improving the quality of teaching for the Investigation Police force

- The project on enhancing training Traffic Police in the PPA and other police training institutions in Vietnam. This is project of technical assistance funded by the ODA fund of Japanese government through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Vietnam.

- Project on Electronic Library of the PPA: This project aims to improve the system of electronic library at the Academy under the support of the Government of Republic of Korea through the KOICA.

- The cooperation with the Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) of the UK on improving the quality of teaching financial crime prevention (2013-2014).

- Joint Program on Training Master in Criminal Justice Leadership with the University of Maryland, USA


Cooperation with organizations and international forums related to education and researching police science:

The PPA has actively participated and contributed the scientific reports at the annual meetings and the professional conferences. In 2006, the Academy hosted the Conference of Director and Principal of the Police Training Institutions in the Asia-Pacific with the theme: "Police training – Prospects in the situation of the rise of transnational crime and new crime in the region and in the world".


With the achievements and the direction of development, it is confirmed that the international co-operation in training and scientific research of the PPA will certainly contribute to the development of the PPA to become as the significant Police Training Institution of the Ministry of Public Security and the State in the period of 2015 - 2020.


Written by DinhDat – Hoang Anh

Translated by Cong Phuong

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