President of PPA works with Chief Representative of Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) of United Kingdom

Further to the previous meeting between the PPA leader and the Representative of the SOCA to discuss the possibility on co-operation for training and enhancing the PPA officer’s ability. The Representative of the SOCA advised that the relevant Agencies of the United Kingdom have been researching the training materials relating to the content of preventing money-laundering and financial related crimes. Consequently, the specific plans to compile set of training materials on this kind of issue will be conducted as soon as possible.


At the meeting, Mr. Timothy Gerrish also introduced to the PPA about the Centre for child-related crime prevention in the UK. The Center gathers together many full-experienced experts in the field of child-related crimes prevention such as police, computer technicians, social activist ... The Center works with 3 main professional areas including: building and implementing operation on combating child-related crimes; exchanging reconnaissance information and crime data for police forces of other countries and developing system for receiving announce messenger and analyzing information. This Center not only works with the police force but also cooperates closely with government agencies, NGOs and any partner involving in child protection. In Vietnam, the center has some cooperative programs with the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in training staffs who are responsible for the child-related crime prevention. As for the Ministry of Public Security, the Center also held some training courses on skills of interrogating children for police officers. In the coming time, the Centre is planning to cooperate with the Police Department of High-tech Crime Prevention to implementing cooperation program on online investigation of child-related crime.


On the basis of sharing information about the organization, Mr. Timothy Gerrish hoped to find out about the teaching content on child-related crime prevention at the PPA in order to look for further cooperation opportunities between both sides. At this time, he looked forward the PPA will appoint the relevant teachers to attend a training workshop on preventing risks of accessing and using computers and Internet-connected devices for children.


On behalf of the PPA Leader, Lieutenant General, Prof.Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the Academy expressed his thank to the SOCA for actively cooperating with the PPA over the past several years and he also desired Chief Representative of the SOCA in Hanoi continue to support the PPA for the cooperation programs in the future. President Nguyen Xuan Yem also welcomed and highly appreciated Mr.Timothy Gerrish‘s proposal on cooperation contents relating to child-related crime prevention. Apart from appointing teachers to join in the a/m training workshop, he also suggested Mr.Gerrish to consider the SOCA’s possibility of supporting the PPA and other police training units for compiling a set of training materials on preventing child-related crime.


Mr. Gerrish expressed his gratitude to the PPA and confirmed that the SOCA would make the efforts to build up the cooperation schemes and ask for funding to support implementation of compiling training materials in 2014 for the PPA.

The Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA), is a non-departmental public body of the Government of the United Kingdom, was formed on 1 April 2006 with the main mission of tackling serious organized crime that affects the UK and their citizens. This includes Class A drugs, people smuggling and human trafficking, major gun crime, fraud, high-tech crime and money laundering.

SOCA officers can have the combined powers of police, customs and immigration officers. SOCA also have a substantial range of tools and legislation to target criminals with – everything from the ability to recover assets through to Serious Organized Crime Prevention Orders. SOCA work with agencies and officials through out the UK and the worldwide to help it do its job and to help them do theirs. 

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