Presentation on economic criminals in Germany by chief of Berlin Economic Criminal Investigation office at PPA
Maj.Gen.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Huy Thuat, Vice-President of the PPA paid a courtesy with Mr.Lothar Mueler

Mr. Lothar Mueler was graduated from the Faculty for Investigation of Hulmbold University. He is an expert in the field of economic related crime investigation. In the presentation, he exchanged lots of knowledge relating to economic crime such as the definition and characteristics of economic related crime generally, typology and current situation of economic related criminals in Germany particularly, the damages caused by this crime to the economic system as well the efforts of German Law Enforcement to handle the situation. He also shared the understanding about international cooperation mechanism among Germany and some Europe Countries and its effectiveness on combating crime. Attending the seminar, the students and teachers of PPA have gained a lot of new experience and useful knowledge, which greatly enriched their studying and teaching. 


Mr.Lothar Mueler made a presentation on economic criminals in Germany

On the occasion of the visit, Mr.Lothar Mueler has paid a courtesy call to Maj.Gen.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Huy Thuat, Vice-President of the People’s Police Academy. The Vice-President of PPA expressed the sincere thanks to Mr.Lothar Mueler for coming and delivering the presentation with the Academy’s students and teachers. He also took the opportunity to introduce the general information on mission of PPA. The Vice-President also recalled and thanked Mr.Lothar Mueler for his goodwill and supports to PPA’s Delegation during the visit to Germany in 2015. According to the capacity of both agencies, he believed that the PPA and the Berlin Economic Criminal Investigation Office could find a lot of potential cooperation opportunities in the future.


Maj.Gen.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Huy Thuat, Vice-President of the PPA 

presented souvernir for Mr.Lothar Mueler’s

Mr. Lothar Mueler sincerely thanked the PPA’s Vice-President and expressed the honor to visit PPA. He appreciated the efforts of PPA and praised the achievements of the Academy so far. Mr. Lothar believed that due to the world transnational crime situation had become more complicated, the two agencies could establish the formal relationship to improve the training quality at PPA and support the law enforcement capacity in Vietnam in particular. At his position, Mr. Lothar reaffirmed of his support to promote more cooperative activities with the Academy in the future.

Translated by HTQT


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