PPA’s delegation attends 2nd international conference on law enforcement and public health (LEPH 2014)
A joint-working session at the conference

The LEPH 2014 is a large-scale conference on the role of law enforcement forces for the public health. This year, the conference focused on discussing the harm reduction on HIV/AIDS prevention, the role of law enforcement forces in fighting against HIV/AIDS, sharing the experience of law enforcement forces of the countries in the world in protecting the public health.


The PPA’s delegation attended the working sessions at the conference

During the conference, the PPA’s delegation participated in a number of activities such as:

- Participating in the joint working session of the conference.

- Participating in the meeting on the network of law enforcement forces and HIV held by the Center for Law enforcement and Public health. During this meeting, the PPA’s had ​​a presentation on "Experiences of police forces in fighting against HIV in Vietnam".


On the sidelines of the conference, the PPA’s delegation met representatives of expert groups who assist for the Chairman of National Committee for AIDS, Drugs and Prostitution Prevention and Control in Vietnam, Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) in order to discuss the cooperation opportunities on sharing experiences in the process of developing training programs for police forces in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Vietnam.


The PPA’s delegation gave a presentation at the conference

The PPA’s delegation had a meeting with representatives of police force in Amsterdam, Netherlands to share experiences and discuss the direction of cooperation between the PPA and the police force of Netherland in fighting against HIV/AIDS in the coming time, especially experiences in managing prostitutes in the red-light area in Amsterdam, Netherlands as well as the model of drug addiction control in the Netherlands.


Representative of the PPA’s delegation answered 

the interview question of the international media

In addition, during the conference, the PPA’s delegation attended the press conference and interview by the international media about the difficulties and challenges of the Vietnamese police forces in fighting against HIV in Vietnam. The delegation also participated in the press conference on the role of the police in fighting against HIV/AIDS.


The LEPH conference is a good opportunity for the people's police force of Vietnam to receive the information and knowledge relating to the harm reduction activities and the role of police forces in fighting against HIV/AIDS, drugs and prostitution.

Translated by Xuan Thanh

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