International Conference: “Policing in the Cyber Age: Adapting Police Training to Digital Challenges”

Nearly 500 domestic and international delegates participated in the conference, including leaders, scientists, and researchers from reputable police training institutions across Asian countries and Vietnam, as well as experienced police officers.

Nearly 500 domestic and international delegates participated in the conference

In his opening speech, Pol.Lt.Gen.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Huong, PPA President, highlighted that the conference's theme holds significant relevance to police work, helping to identify future challenges and address issues in police training in the digital era.

The PPA President affirmed that the conference is an excellent opportunity for delegates to learn from each other and exchange views on common issues in crime prevention and control. Additionally, the presentations and discussions at the conference serve as useful guidance for high-quality human resource training in the digital era and for meeting international integration requirements for the police force.

Pol.Lt.Gen.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Huong, PPA President presented the conference keynote report

According to the conference keynote report presented at the conference, the organizing committee received numerous papers from international police training institutions, scientists, researchers, and practical officers. The committee selected and compiled the 70 best-quality papers for the conference proceedings, including 58 domestic papers and 12 international papers from China, the United Kingdom, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, and Russia. The papers addressed topics such as national digital transformation, its impact on police work, policies and laws on crime prevention in the digital era, criminal activities in the digital era, police training to meet digital era requirements, and solutions to enhance police training efficiency.

Pol.Lt.Gen.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Huong, PPA President; Pol.Maj.Gen. Dao Ngoc Dinh - Deputy Director General of the Department of Department of Public Security History, Science and Strategy; Pol.Maj.Gen. Chu Van Dzung - PPA Vice President co-chaired the conference

During the conference, several notable reports and presentations were made, including: " Artificial Intelligence - Challenges and Opportunities for People's Public Security Forces in Combating Crime " by Pol.Sr.Col.Dr. Pham Van Dinh, Deputy Director General of Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security; " The Efforts of the Korean Police to Solve Serial and Cold Cases: Forensic Intelligence " by Mr. Woo Byeong Kwan, Expert from Police Science Department, Korean National Police University; "Policing in Cyber Age" by Mr. Avrilendy Akmam Ajie Sulistyo, Expert from Indonesian National Police Academy; " Role and Participation in Police Training in Enhanced Capacity to Fight against Cybercrime " by Mrs. Tsedenbal Baigali, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, University of Internal Affairs of Mongolia; " Preventing High-tech Crimes in the Current Period - Demands for Professional Training and Development for Specialized Police Officers " by Pol.Maj.Gen.Dr. Le Xuan Minh Deputy Director General, Department of Cybersecurity and Hi-tech Crimes.

Presentations at the conference

In his concluding remarks, Pol.Lt.Gen.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Huong, PPA President stated that the delegates' discussions focused on key issues: (1) identifying and clarifying challenges for the police force in the digital era; (2) affirming the urgent need to develop and apply science and technology in police training institutions; (3) sharing and exchanging issues to improve police training efficiency in the digital era among Asian police training institutions; and (4) proposing solutions for building police training institutions in the current digital era, focusing on two main groups of solutions:

- The first solution: focusing on researching and building "smart" police training institutions to create advanced, modern training centers with interconnected infrastructure, technology, and software, creating a large data repository in the 4.0 technology revolution.

- The second solution: enhancing cooperation and expanding cooperation in police training among Asian police training institutions to leverage high-quality science and technology development and education, proactively accessing and effectively utilizing the 4.0 technology platform for education and training purposes.

After the program concludes, the organizing committee will summarize the conference results, advise, and report to the MPS to research and direct relevant units to develop comprehensive, practical measures to ensure police training in Vietnam aligns with the practical requirements of ensuring security, order, and crime prevention in the digital era, contributing to stability and development in each country, region, and the world, in both physical and digital spaces.

Delegates took commemorative photos


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