Opening Ceremony for PhD course 20 and awarding Ph.D degree of second phase in 2015
H.E Lieutenant General Dang Van Hieu - Member of the Central Party, Permanent Deputy Minister of Public Security spoke at the ceremony

Attending the ceremony were  Major General Assoc.Prof.Dr. Do Ngoc Can - Deputy General Director of the Political General Department of MPS; Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh , Director of Legislation Department of MPS; representatives of the General Departments,  High Command of the Mobile Police; representatives of Departments, Training Institutions under the Public Security force. For the side of the PPA, Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem – Academy’s President; representatives of functional units and 13 new PhD and 80 PhD students of the course 20.


Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem –President of the PPA 

 expected the new Doctors and Fellows to continue studying

The PPA is honored to be the first institution entrusted by the MPS and Ministry of Education and Training for postgraduate training. After 20 years of training, under the leadership of the Party, Board of Directorate, group of scientists, officials and students, the postgraduate trainings of the Academy has obtained the encouraging results with 300 PhD and 3.000 masters, contributing to adding the high quality human resource to research institutes, advisory units, combat units of the People's Public Security force in particular, the Ministry of Defence and the internal affairs agencies in general; In addition, the research results of the PhD thesis, master thesis that contribute practically to adding and completing their respective professional theories about national security, social order and safety, prevention and fighting against crimes.


New PhDs received degrees at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Lieutenant General Dang Van Hieu - Member of the Central Party, Permanent Deputy Minister of MPS presented congratulation to 13 new PhDs and 80 new fellows in course 20. He expected that each officer should try more to overcome difficulties, be creative, initiative, apply knowledge into practical work to become a shining example and model for the generations of students. At the same time, to meet the requirements and tasks in the future, the Permanent Deputy Minister proposed the PPA to continue focusing on improving the education quality in general, postgraduate education in particular, understanding and strictly performing the resolutions of the Party, the Sector on education and training, including  postgraduate education, especially the 8th Resolution of the  Party Central Committee XI on fundamental, comprehensive changes of education and training; paying attention to training, quality improvement for teaching staffs, effectively mobilizing scientists and officials within and outside the sector together with foreign experts to participate in postgraduate training; constantly innovating the training methods and contents towards modernization, updating and following closely the real situation to enhance practical skills in postgraduate trainings, promoting the fellows’ highest independence and creativity. In addition, the PPA  should have a comprehensive plans to develop education guidelines and contents, human resources, facilities, equipment and ... strive until 2018 becoming a key training institution of the nation, prestigious academy in the region and the worldwide.

Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem –President of PPA presented 

the Certificates of merit to the new excellent PhDs

On behalf of the new PhDs, Major General, Dr. Pham Van The - Director of Department  - General Police Department, MPS expressed a profound thanks to the faculties, departments, centers, subjects and teachers, scientists, experts of the PPA who have been enthusiastic to direct and create favorable conditions for fellows during their study and research process. At the same time, the new PhD promised to continue to improve knowledge of political qualities, moral qualities of the police, absolute loyalty to the Party, the State, wholeheartedly serving the people, the Motherland country; successfully completing tasks given by the Party, the State and the people ; continuing to spending more time for scientific research, improving capacity and professional qualification, applying research knowledge into practice; coordinating closely and regularly with the academies, training institutions in the training courses for students at all levels, especially postgraduate trainings.


Delegates took the memorial photographs

On behalf of the Board of Directorate of the PPA, Lieutenant-General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem – President  of the Academy congratulated the result of 13 new PhDs and 80 new fellows. At the ceremony, the President also reported H.E Lieutenant General Dang Van Hieu - Member of the Central Party, Permanent Deputy Minister of MPS on the developments of the academy in recent years, including the postgraduate trainings as well as the future plans and determination to become a national key training institution in 2018.

Translated by Van Anh


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