PPA organizes cultural activities and responses Planting-tree Festival to welcome the New Year Binh Than 2016.
PPA‘s officers and students were enthusiastic to take part in the “Planting tree Festival”

Attending at the opening ceremony were Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA; the comrades in the PPA’s Party Committee, Board of Directors; representatives of the functional units, people’s organizations of the PPA with numerous union members and students of the Academy.

Addressing the opening ceremony, on behalf of the Party Committee, the Board of Director of the PPA, Major General, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang - Vice President of the PPA warmly praised the initiative and appreciated the close cooperation of functional units; the enthusiastic participation of the majority of cadres, students, especially the Youth Union members of the PPA. He said that this was one of the most significant activities in the New Year period, contributing to spiritual motivation, traditional education for the Youth and a stable growth of the PPA in the near future.

Activity of calligraphy of the New Year

Major General, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang - Vice President of the PPA

recieved the calligraphy on the occasion of the lunar new year 2016

Master Duong Van Chau - Member of Club of North East Letter graphics, Hanoi said: "Asking for calligraphy in the early spring is the cultural beauty of Vietnam. The tradition of asking and giving letter is a meaningful gift for social, philosophical and spiritual, cultural exchanges created in the community. In the old times, those who gave their letters are virtuous scholars who had not only beautiful handwriting but also a broad knowledge. Desired words often means good luck and talent. "

Therefore, with the purpose of preserving traditional beauty of the nation, as well as a cultural beauty of the Academy, in early spring 2016, the PPA continued to organize this activity with the participation of well-known masters who have extensive experience in the field of calligraphy.


Activity of Spring Fair

The students were  joyfully sightseeing and shopping at stalls

The Spring Fair attracted the attention of a large number of students in the entire Academy. Nguyen Quang Duc - B4D40, a member of Volunteer Club shared his thought: "At the stalls, a wide range of traditional products of the nation, the handmade works of art made by the unionists and Volunteer Club of the PPA are presented, with the hope to bring happiness and good luck to the customers. Especially, at the end of the event, the proceeds from our significant activities will serve charitable purposes."

Activity of old book exchange among students

The exchange of books help students reduce academic funding

This is the most exciting activity in the cultural activities of the PPA in the New Year. It was in a series of activities of the Club of Intramural Magazine and Radiobroadcast of the PPA’s Youth Unions to help the students to exchange old books for new ones. This activity helped students get an access to diverse resources, exchange of the meaningful books as well as own the favorite books that they have never had the chance to read. Following this activity, members of the Club of Intramural Magazine and Radiobroadcast would continue to organize volunteer program to donate old books to children of the mountainous regions, children in difficult circumstances in the summer of 2016 (before they entered the new school year 2016-2017).

 Activity of book exhibition

Hundreds of books introduced to viewers by the Center of Archive and Library.

           In response to activities to celebrate the 3rd "Day of Vietnamese Books"  (24/02/2014 – 24/02/2016) as well as to propagate, awaken the passion for reading books among officials, Youth Union members the PPA, the Center of Archive and Library organized the book exhibition at the lobby of Le Quan Library of the PPA, with the main content: exhibition; introduction of installation art of books; introduction  readers to the documents, books and newspapers available at the PPA’s Center of Archive and Library. Le Anh Tuan - B7D40 excitedly said: "I counted each days to participate in this exhibition. This activity helps us to have the opportunity to get access to many updated sources of documents. I hope that in the coming years, this kind of exhibition will be held more frequently in the PPA."

Activity of launching tree planting Festival      

On behalf of the PPA’s Youth Unions, Mr. Le Van Tu - Secretary of the PPA’s Youth Unions - urged members of Youth Branches to continue to respond the “Tree Planting Festival” in 2016, launched by the Party Committee and Directorate of the PPA. Every Youth Branches would take part in planting trees in the Academy campus. At the same time, they would actively register for taking care of and protecting system of trees. It would make contribute to building the “Green - Clean – Beautiful” PPA, deserved as one of the leading training centers of the People’s Public Security forces.

The leaders took part in “Planting tree festival” with the PPA’s Youth Unions

After the opening ceremony, the PPA’s Party Committee, Board of Directors held a cordial meeting among leaders of the functional units in the Academy on the occasion of the New Year. Besides, they attended the “Planting Tree Festival” and other activities in the campus of the PPA’s Literature.

Leaders of the functional units attended the cordial meeting in early spring 2016

The cultural activities to welcome New Year 2016 would take place on February 22nd, 2016.

Translated by Quang Nghi & Quynh Phuong

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