D40 students on duty excitedly welcomes Lunar New Year Binh Than 2016
The equal chess match of two police students

The program is held from 1st-7th February, 2016 with many exciting activities such as: presenting the gifts on Tet holiday, playing volleyball, table tennis, chess, folk games “beating pots, catching chicken, musical contest, wrapping Chưng cakes, arranging five fruit tray...”.


Students were excited about the folk game “beating pots”


Besides participating in sports and folk games, the D40 students decorated their dormitory more beautifully and cozily, full of the spring atmosphere.


The D40 students decorated their K6 dormitory


With the spirit of solidarity, many charitable programs had been organised such as: Students joined in wrap the Chưng cakes with teachers of Co Nhue Primary School  to donate the pupils, presented the gifts to the disadvantaged ones.


The students joined in wrapping Chưng cakes in the Primary School Co Nhue 2B


In particular, on February 2nd, 2016, representatives of the functional departments and D40 students visited and presented the gifts to patients at some hospitals in the Hanoi such as: National Hospital of Pediatrics, Hospital E,  Hospitals 198, Traditional Medicine Hospital- Ministry of Public Security...


The PPA delegation presented the gifts for patients at the Traditional Medicine Hospital

- Ministry of Public Security on the occasion of Tet Holiday


In all activities, the contests of wrapping the Chưng cakes on February 4th were waited excitedly by the students.


The smile of the students in the first time wrapped the Chưng cakes by their hand


The team participating in the competition have their own ways of package and size; Chưng cakes with square shape and Tét cakes with long shape created a variety of cakes. There were the students wrapping cake for the first time not avoided from the feeling of embarrassment. After the wrapping was finished, the cakes would be cooked. It could say that this is the period that the students likes most. In the cold weather, the students sit round the fire, telling the story of the old year, sang the lyrics to lessen their homesickness and makes comradeship more solidary. End of the competition, first prize belonged to coalition of classes B6 and B7 .


Beside the warm pots of Chung cake with the peach cheeks

To prepare for the five fruit tray of Tet, in the morning of February 6th, the contest of arranging the five fruit tray was held at the PPA with the attendance of Lieutenant Colonel Vu Van Lan - Deputy Head of Student Management Department cum Head of the Jury. The contest was extremely attractive with skillful hands. The students with many innovative ideas made the five fruit tray not only significant but also very lively. The teams were appreciated by the judges. Ultimately, the first prize belonged to the coalition of the classes B4 and B5.


The skillful male students of the coalition of the classes B11 and B3b 


The fruit tray gained the first prize in the contest


The awards of the contest


The practical activities on the occasion of Tet holiday by the the Managing Board  of course D40 has created a useful playground, encouraged the spirits of the students on duty and made the opportunity for them to be closer, together to promote solidarity and youth strength. Every day being on duty on Tet holiday at the PPA has became a significant time for all of the students who put their homesickness aside to fulfill the assigned tasks in the Lunar New Year this year.

Translated by GL


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