PPA’s students brings "Beloved Spring" to poor communes in Cam Kim, Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
Voluntary delegation presented the gifts for two orphans in Cam Kim

Cam Kim is known as the poor commune in Hoi An, far from the inland, mainly transportation vehicle is by ferry boat, thus living condition here is still poor, and difficult, hungry and backward. The population of the commune is about 4,500 inhabitants, of which is 59 poor households, accounting for 5.75%.

On 10th January, the voluntary group of the youth of the PPA had a meeting with officers of Public Security Department and the Youth Union of Cam Kim commune to coordinate to implement the voluntary program. Despite heavy rains and having a long distance of traveling by the ferry boat across the river, the members of the voluntary group eagerly overcame difficulties to organize successfully the “Beloved Spring” program.

The voluntary delegation incenses at the historic place

In the framework of the program, the voluntary groups visited, encouraged and presented 30 gifts for the poor households, 15 gifts for the poor students who overcoming difficulties, each of gift worth 200,000 VND and presented 1 million in cash for two orphaned twins with excellent studying. The group also held the environmental sanitation at the Con Trum Phoi historical place in Cam Kim commune.

Sharing about the voluntary program, students of D39.B10 Pham Thi Hong Lam  said: "The trip at Cam Kim is probably unforgettable memory for us in the student time. Despite the obstacles of heavy rain, when approaching Cam Kim commune, seeing the warm smile on the lips of the poor people here,  our anxiety and fatigue disappeared. We were happy for our contribution to building this land of An Hoi and always hope to come back here again.”

Translated by Gia Linh

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