PPA’ Youth enthusiastically participates in blood donation program
The PPA’ students enthusiastically participated in the blood donation program

On the year-end occasion, there is shortage of the blood source for serving the treatment and cure of patients, to meet that requirement, the Central Institute of Hematology - Blood Transfusion often calls on social organizations to join hands to share and help the sick. In response to this movement, annually, Co Nhue Youth Union in cooperation with its counterparts launches the blood donation festival in the area of Co Nhue ward.


This year, 75 students from the PPA’s Youth Union participated in the blood donation program. Among them, there were many students donated their blood in second times or third times. Student Ngo Van Vuong, class D40 B2 shared: "This was the second times I participated in the blood donation programs, I felt a little trembling and palpitations, but after the doctors finished the blood-taking, I really felt so happy and be proud of myself for a small amount of blood to contribute to support many patients in need of blood.".


Nowadays, Vietnam has witnessed an increasing trend for blood donations, which have saved thousands of patients. At the PPA, under the direction of the Board of Directorate, the Youth Union annually hold, launch and participate in many blood donation campaigns with an aims of collecting blood from humanitarian donors to deal with a shortage of blood in treating patients in hospitals. It is reported that thousands of volunteers of the PPA have donated blood for more than 10 times.

Translated by Gia Linh

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