“Sentimental blood for beloved comrades”

The program attracted nearly 4,500 members of Youth Union of the Political General Department and 500 students from universities and colleges in Hanoi. In response to this program, the PPA has 441 students who participated in the blood donation.


This blood donation program aims to response to the special emulation to welcome the coming 12th National Party Congress, the 100th anniversary of the birthday of former Minister of Public Security Tran Quoc Hoan (23/01/1916 - 01/23/2016), 66 years of traditional day of Vietnamese students (1/9/1950 - 1/9/2016).

Medical examination before taking blood 

 Speaking at the festival, Colonel Nguyen Duc Minh - Deputy Director of Public Security Political Department stressed: "In recent years, the  youth of the whole nation in general and the MPS in particular have already organized many social welfare activities, the gratitude programs to reduce the difficulties for the community, bring joy and happiness to the people, among them, the blood donation is a noble gesture, an act of humanity, have great social significance, which educates the public security youths on sacrifice for the teammates and the people, contributing to the propagation on the image of  “Revolutionary public security soldiers. "

The PPA’s students excitedly participated in blood donation

Sharing on the blood donation this time, Hoang Trung Duc - students of course D41 said: "With permanently struggling, cracking down on crime, the public security soldiers always face with danger, which could lead to injury any time; therefore, demand of blood transfusions are very large. With the thought: the amount of blood donated could save the lives of people, so every time when the blood donation program is launched by the PPA or MPS, I often participate."

Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Muoi, Deputy Director General of 

the Political General Department of Public Security presented

 the commemorative flags for the participating agencies

The PPA is one of the leading agency actively participate in blood donation activities, every year, the PPA has provided a large amount of blood in helping thousands of patients and comrades through programs such as: Red Spring Festival, Red Sunday, Red Journey, Voluntary Heart Festival... In the future, the PPA continue to participate in more voluntary programs in general and blood donation program in particular, contributing to sharing difficulties with comrades and patients suffering from serious diseases.

A impressive dancing performance

Besides the blood donation activities, students of public security training institutions participated in the flashmode dance festival with a lot of impressive performance.  Especially, in the evening, the Political General Department of Public Security organized the exchange program to praise the collective and individual examples in blood donation among the public security youths.

Translated by Gia Linh

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