PPA’s Students joins in reinforcing Cua Dai beach
The PPA’s Students joined in reinforcing the Cua Dai beach

On June, 2013, Cua Dai Beach of Hoi An City - Quang Ninh Province has been listed among the top 25 beaches in Asia by travel website TripAdvisor. The wild beauty of Cua Dai Beach is described as "miles of unbroken sand”, attracts the tourists to visit and explore. However, according to Department of Construction of Quang Nam Province, erosion has inched closer to the main section of the 1.5 kilometre road connecting the beach with Hoi An city that threatening dozens of the resorts, private houses.

The sandbags were put into the coastal embankments to prevent soil erosion

In the late days of the November 2015, due to the influence of the northeast monsoon,  Cua Dai beach continues to be eroded seriously. From November 26th, 2015, Hoi An City mobilized more than 300 army soliders in communes, wards and local people to simultaneously reinforce Cua Dai coast by piling bamboo and covering sandbags.


Lieutenant Colonel Luong Van Giai - Deputy Head of Public Security Department of Hoi An City said: "To serve the erosion prevention at Cua Dai beach, the public security force of the Hoi An city mobilized more than 70 officers and soldiers to consolidate the hundreds of meters the coastal embankment, among them, there were 20 students from the class B10.D38 of the PPA joined the activities. The PPA’s students are enthusiastic, active in the protection of Cua Dai."

Student Nguyen Van Chien confirmed that erosion prevention

 at the Cua Dai beach was a meaningful activity for each participant

Carrying the sacks of sand to reinforce the coast, Nguyen Van Chien - student of class B10.D38 said: "From early morning, all the PPA participants were present here in company with the officers and soldiers of  Public Security Department of Hoi An City

and the local people to rescue the Cua Dai beach. It rained heavily and was still influenced by the northeast monsoon caused the raging waves, which made the erosion prevention become more difficult. However, despite of the bad weather, all the participants still made efforts on the coastal protection. This really was an incredibly meaningful experience of each participant".

Minutes for the rest after fighting the sea waves

In recent years, the People's Committee of Quang Nam Province has organized a lot of workshops, worked with domestic and international experts to find out solutions to save the Cua Dai beach. However, while waiting for the long-term effective solutions from the experts, immediately, the officers and soldiers of Public Security Department of Hoi An City, the local people everyday still reinforce the coastal embankments by the sandbags and bamboo poles. Mr. Luong Van Giai said the city public security force would be on duty day and night to complete the hundreds of meter of the eroded coastal embankment.

Translated by Gia Linh

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