PPA’s students aids poor pupils
The PPA’s officers and students presented the meaningful gifts to Ngo Thi Thuy

The voluntary program had the participation of Colonel. Dang Duc Nghia - Head of Party, Politics and Mass Organization’s Movement Management Department; Lieutenant Colonel. Hoang Thi Lien - Chairwoman of the PPA‘s Labor Union; Major. Bui Diep Nga – Chairwoman of the PPA’s Women Union; Captain. Le Van Tu- Deputy Manager of the PPA’s Student Management Department, Secretary of the PPA’s Youth Unions along with representatives of the Youth Unions of University Transition Course 30.

Through discussion of the Youth Unions of Kim Son District together with the sincere share of Thuy’s family, the PPA delegation knew that Thuy had not got father, Thuy’s mother is deaf mute and now she is living with her uncle. However, overcoming difficult circumstances, Thuy has been trying to study well and got outstanding achievements.


The PPA’s delegation took memorial with Ngo Thi Thuy

With enthusiastic support , the Youth Union members of the University Transition Course 30 donated generously and presented the gifts for Ngo Thi Thuy, including: 01 passbook worth 10 million VND, 2.5 million VND for allowance to pay her tuition each month, 01 bike worth 1.5 million VND, 02 warm jackets and 02 notebooks.


Hopefully, these gifts of the Youth Union members of the University Transition Course 30 would create motivation for Thuy overcome difficulties in life. Simultaneously, this voluntary trip also contributed to building up the image of the Public Security forces more beautiful in people's eyes, expressing and upholding the strength of the Public Security’s Youth Union members.

Translated by Nguyen Quang Nghi (B10.D39)

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