Leader of PPA attends 5th ASEANAPOL Police Training Cooperation Meeting in Philippines
Head of all delegation took memorial photograph at the opening session of the Conference

The meeting was presided by the Department of Human Development and Education, the National Police Agency of Philippines from 28th  to 29th  October 2014 with the participation of representatives of the training institutions and training management agencies of its member states; the ASEANAPOL Secretariat Board and the representatives of the dialogue countries, observers include: the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the People's Public Security University of China, the liaison officer of police of New Zealand, the Police of Australian Federal and the representatives of the International Criminal Police Organization INTERPOL.


At the meeting, the head of the Thai delegation as chairman of the 4th APTCM Meeting reported the results of the previous meeting and handed over the executive authority to the Department of Human Development and Education, the National Police Agency of Philippines as the president and executor of the 5th APTCM meeting.  Basing on the results of the 4th meeting, delegates delivered the reports to exchange, share the experiences in police training of each country, which was suitable for the 6 prior contents were identified at the previous meeting, included: prevention of cybercrime, high-tech crime; human-trafficking crime; cooperation in preventing the transnational crime; coordination of  ASEANAPOL police training programs; training activities on language, culture of ASEANAPOL countries; training the prevention of crimes related to the production, management and use of medicines.


The reports showed that the police training institutions of all member states of ASEANAPOL had already been aware of the importance of police training in the current situation of establishing the  ASEAN joint-community and the challenges of non-traditional issues in the integration period. Identifying clearly the priority issues in police training, the police training institutions within ASEANAPOL had actively consolidated the training programs to timely update and supplement the contents, knowledge which was suitable for the new situation in the region and the world. At the same time, the training management agencies and the training institutions actively organized many the scientific activities, such as conferences, seminars and training course in nation and in the world.


Head of delegations paid a courtesy visit to 

Commander of National Police of Philippine

According to the reports, some positive members such as Thailand, Singapore had organized many training programs and seminars with the participation of the member states of ASEANAPOL, and strengthened the relationship between the police forces with other law enforcement forces, especially improving the quality and effectiveness of teachers and lecturers. Vietnam and Thailand were appreciated highly the training models which had the close connection between theory and practice, especially the student exchange programs in recent times. Currently, besides the training cooperation traditional program between Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos, the ASEANAPOL just had the mechanisms for police training exchange between Vietnam and Thailand.


At the meeting, the representatives of the dialogue countries participated in discussing and having the exchanged reports relating to the cooperation and support for implementing the training mechanism in ASEANAPOL. The representative of INTERPOL appreciated the cooperation mechanism in the police training of the ASEANAPOL and stressed that they have been seeking the possibility to a support mechanism in this field. Firstly, INTERPOL would hold the annual meeting on police training of INTERPOL at one of the member states of ASEANAPOL. The liaison officer of the Police of Australian Federal confirmed that they would continue to support the police training of ASEANAPOL through the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation. The representatives of Chinese and New Zealand delegations planned to implement some activities to support for training languages and law enforcement for members states of ASEANAPOL next time.


It is believed that although the mechanism of cooperation conference on police training of ASEANAPOL had just deployed in a short time, it shown the positive results. Through out this mechanism, the police training institutions and the training management agencies of the member states of ASEANAPOL had the opportunity to meet, exchange and learn about each other, strengthen solidarity and mutual understanding, promote the ASEAN integration process. The mechanism also supported some activities to improve the quality and effectiveness of police training activities for member states such as surveying the training needs, analyzing and giving the directions to develop international training programs; surveying, assessing and identifying the prior contents in training activities for the member states of ASEANAPOL.


However, due to a lot of the differences between the mechanisms and training systems of the member states of ASEANAPOL, the current cooperation mechanism has not proposed and implemented the practical specific training activities for the member states. Therefore, in the future, the member states should coordinate closely with the ASEANAPOL Secretariat to research and propose the efficient suitable cooperation as well as enhance the calling for, enlisting the support sources of the dialogue countries as well as the international organizations in the process of implementation to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of this mechanism in the future.

Written by Cao Hoang Long

Translated by Xuan Thanh

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