Representative agency of the Lao Ministry of Public Security in Vietnam congratulates PPA on occasion of 51-Year Anniversary of People’s Police Force
The delegation of Representative Agency of the Lao Ministry of Public Security in Vietnam presented a flower basket for the PPA on the occasion People’s Police Force

At the meeting, Senior Colonel Nguyen Thien Phu expressed his pleasure to the great achievements in building and defending the fatherland which the  Lao People's Revolutionary Party and people gained in the last time, especially the important role of Laos Ministry of Public Security in stabilizing national security and public order during progress of building the country. He also stressed that implementing the annual cooperative plan between the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security and Laos Ministry of Public Security, the PPA carried out training courses at the  level of university, post-graduation and short training courses for students and leaders of Laos Police Force. Although there are difficulties in culture, traditional custom and language in the studying progress, Laos students have been trying their best to study and getting high results. In addition, during the time of training in Vietnam, they actively took part in many the PPA’s extra-activities such as culture movements, sport and art performance together with the students of Vietnamese police.


Colonel Kiengkham sincerely thanked the PPA for supporting them in training progress. What’s more, establishing Laos’s representative agency in Viet Nam is to prove the special relation between the two countries with the purpose of coordinating with Vietnamese police forces to implementing the annual agreement and cooperation plan, so as to promote relationship between the two countries better and better. Mr Kiengkham also reiterated Representative Agency of the Lao Ministry of Public Security in Vietnam would try its best to fulfill the assigned mission, so as to continue to maintain and promote traditional relation between the two countries.


After the meeting, Laos’s delegation visited the Student Managing Department; dormitory area and dining-room at the PPA. Mr. Kiengkham thanked to the PPA in general, the Student Managing Department in particular who made favorable condition for Laos students to complete their studying at the PPA to become the skillful  police officers, who would contribute to build and protect their country and also promote friendly relationship between the two countries in general and the two police forces in particular.


The Representative Agency of Laos Ministry of Public Security established in August 2012 in Hanoi; however, it begins to officially work in early 2013. The Representative Agency marked the new progress in cooperative relation between Vietnam and Laos in general as well as plays an important role in providing a link bridge between the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and the Ministry of Public Security of Laos P.D.R in particular in checking, examining and promoting cooperative programs and plans between both sides.

Translated by Huyen Trang

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