PPA presents Degree of Doctor and Master in 2016
Lieutenant General, Dr. Bui Van Thanh, Deputy Minister of Public Security spoke at the ceremony

Attending the Ceremony were leaders of the General Departments, the High Commands, Departments under the Ministry of Public Security; representatives of the police training institutions. On the side of the PPA were Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA; members of the Party Committee, the Directorate of the PPA; the units within the PPA and the new Doctors, Masters and graduate students of the 25th postgraduate course of the PPA.

Lieutenant General, Dr. Bui Van Thanh, Deputy Minister of Public Security

 presented Degrees to the new doctors

The PPA had been the first training institution of the Public Security which was assigned the task of training postgraduate system by Ministry of Education and Training since 1992. Over 25 years of postgraduate training, the PPA has trained more than 3000 masters, 300 doctors of law and become an important component in the training of high-quality human resources, qualified scientists for the Public Security force, the Ministry of Defense and the internal affairs agencies and police forces of Laos and Cambodia. The PPA had the honor of being presenting the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit in recognition of outstanding achievements in the training of high-quality human resources on the occasion of summarizing 20 years of postgraduate training of the PPA.

Major General, Assoc. Prof. Do Ngoc Can, Deputy Director General of 

General Political Department presented Degrees to the new masters

At the ceremony, Lieutenant General, Dr. Bui Van Thanh, Deputy Minister of Public Security affirmed: “The PPA is one of the leading postgraduate training institutions of the Public Security force... contributes to training high-quality human resources and building scientists not only for the Public Security force but also for the Army, Internal affairs agencies and Police force of Laos and Cambodia”.

Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA

 presented the Certificate of Merit for the new doctors

The Deputy Minister stressed that the deeper international integration process now increased the factors of nontraditional security, arising new crimes, violations of law, causing difficulties in investigation and handle some types of crime. For this reason, it was necessary to equip the wide knowledge about politics, law, professional competence, scientific thinking ability, professional ethics and professional skills for the police officers. Consequently, to continue to promote the quality of education in general, postgraduate training in particular to meet the requirements and tasks in the coming time, the Deputy Minister proposed the PPA to pay attention to implementing some following key issues:

First, firmly grasp the resolutions and directions of the Party Central Committee, the National Assembly, the Government and the Ministry of Public Security on the education and training, particularly Resolution of the 12th Party Congress and Resolution of the 8th plenum of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party on fundamental and comprehensive innovation in education and training

Second, cooperate closely with the General Departments, professional units, fighting units in orienting and “ordering” the content of thesis that focuses on the complex issues and new problems related to the practice of the struggle for protecting national security, ensuring order and social safety.

Third, train the postgraduate system with the goal of both meeting the requirements of quantity and improving the quality and efficiency; give the priority to training, improve the quality of the lecturers, mobilize effectively the scientists, practice officers inside and outside the Public Security force and even foreign experts to participate in postgraduate training.

Fourth, do the advisory for the leadership of Ministry of Public Security in building strategy, scale of postgraduate training; researching to extend the connection with other institutions, expand the international cooperation in postgraduate training.

Fifth, invest in important issues in order to strive to build the PPA to become the key national training institution, the prestige institution in the region and around the world.

Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA

 spoke at the ceremony

At the ceremony, on behalf of the Party Committee, the Directorate of the PPA, Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA thanked the direction of the Deputy Minister for education and training of the PPA in general and improving the quality of postgraduate training in particular. The PPA would thoroughly grasp the direction of the Deputy Minister on working programs and actions of the PPA in the near future. The President of the PPA congratulated the new 30 doctors, 200 masters and the graduate students of the 25th course. He suggested the new doctors, masters promote the knowledge to dedicate to the activities of preventing and fighting against crimes and continue to collaborate with the PPA for training, scientific research to attach the practice with the training of the PPA.

Representatives and the new doctors took photograph 


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