Dynamic and creative students of Foreign Languages Department in Evening Gala Welcoming New Year 2015
Kimono with Japanese national flower, cherry blossom, symbolize for noble beauty, modesty, tolerance of Japanese people

As usual, when the old year comes to an end and the New Year unfolds, the PPA’s students eagerly await for the joyful special show, called “Evening Gala Welcoming New Year”. It creates the attraction by the young and cheerful atmosphere which is brought by the members of the PPA’s Youth Union associated with the other police training institutions, universities, organizations inside and outside the country. Especially, in this year, the students of Foreign Languages Department expressed their creativity through paper clothing fashion show: “Colors of East Asia” and the meaningful musical “The Little Match Girl”.


Here are some pictures of the first year students of Foreign Languages Department in the paper clothing fashion show:

The Hanbok from Korea is outstanding with elegant colorful features along with

 the national flower Mugung representing for strength of Korean men and women

Chinese woman that wears cheongsam together with peony flower

 on her hand expresses the beauty of wealth and prosperity

The national flower Rumdul and traditional clothing Sampot 

make the unique cultural beauty of people in Cambodia

Sinh - the Lao traditional costume and their national flower 

create the great sincerity and joy in their life

Thasin is the traditional dress of Thailand with two or three pieces of fabric 

sewed into tubal shape and wrapped around the waist and folded its edge 

with traditional flower symbolizes the unity and harmony of Thai people

Baju Kurung along with bright red hibiscus creates the beauty and vitality of Malaysia

Ao dai, the graceful Vietnamese traditional costume, with lotus 

symbolize for the beauty of the Vietnamese souls during the centuries

Besides the paper clothing fashion show, the touching drama “The Little Match Girl” played by the 2nd year students of Foreign Languages Department also offered many contemplations.

Poor girl and the wishful matches performed by

 students of Foreign Languages Department

Small dream

Heaven and friends

As the gift for the hard restless creativity, the students of Foreign Languages Department gave the audiences the warmest moments. It was hopeful that they would continue to express their creativity and enthusiasm by the more creative and unique performances in the next Evening Gala.

Written by Huy Hoang - Quang Vu

Translated by Quang Nghi

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